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Say What You See: Anfield

Ian Grant looks at a picture, and just has to... Say What you See


"Anfield. That one word is enough to unlock the memories. What a day. What a team, in that moment.  “One-nil and we spent fuck all.” Sir Tommy Mooney at his peak, before injury scuppered his, and arguably our, season. Everyone really should love Michel Ngonge more; we asked so much of him that season and he tried so, so hard to answer. Robert Page and Micah Hyde don’t get enough credit either, while we’re at it. Mark Williams, um, yes. Not a vintage Liverpool side, Dominic Matteo galloping around like an escaped giraffe in an air raid. Classic shirt, very distinctive and tactile fabric; I can still feel it now. A baggy shirt, always seemed to come up on the large side, presumably to accommodate Charlie Miller. I still wish that season had turned out better. It could’ve. It very much didn’t. It still stings a bit."