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The Watford Treasury and the YBR! are written, edited, illustrated and published by supporters of this great club. Our passion for the club drives us to create the best magazines possible and we truly hope you enjoy the read!


Created by fans...

Name: Geoff Wicken
Position & Magazine: Editor, The Watford Treasury

Earliest Watford FC memory: At the first match I watched, Stewart Scullion’s maverick behaviour in wearing his shirt outside his shorts

Why you support Watford: Mum and Dad started bringing us, and I never stopped. Beyond the emotional attachment, there always seems to be something interesting happening (except for 1991/92 and 1992/93 – if I look at the results for those seasons I can’t recall anything!)

Best Watford game: The 1999 Play-Off Final at Wembley. I still go a bit wobbly thinking about it even now.

All time favourite player: Ross Jenkins. His Watford career started underwhelmingly, shall we say, but he matured into the best centre-forward I’ve ever seen for the club.

All time favourite manager: GT of course, although were I to come across a flux capacitor I’d set it for 1903 and visit the John Goodall era.

Why you love making the WT/YBR!: There are so many stories to be told about our club. It’s a joy to be part of such a great team and to have the opportunity to tell them.
Name: Olly Wicken
Position & Magazine: Writer for Watford Treasury & YBR!

Why you support Watford: Originally because I was a football-obsessed kid who lived locally. Now because, despite everything that I (and the club) have tried, I cannot be stopped. 

Best Watford game: Watford 7 Southampton 1 in the League Cup in 1980. Having been to the 0-4 first leg drubbing, I’m still struggling to believe what I saw.

All time favourite player: Andy Rankin, from the early 1970s. Our relationship was cemented at a motorway service station on the way back from a 0-0 draw at Shrewsbury. I congratulated him on saving a penalty, and he said ’thanks’. In my fevered mind, we’ve been best friends ever since.

All time favourite manager: I keep and treasure a pair of boxer shorts that used to belong to Watford’s Greatest Ever Manager.

Why you love making the WT/YBR!: With the Watford Treasury I love the discoveries we make about the club’s history. As for the YBR! I love writing with a more personal slant on being a Watford fan.


Name: Colin Payne
Position & Magazine: YBR! Co-editor. The Watford Treasury, former editor, now enthusiastic contributor

Earliest Watford FC memory: Being taken with a friend, by his father, to see Bobby Charlton play for Preston North End against Watford, I've no idea of the year! My abiding memory was that I wanted to go home, I had no interest!

Why you support Watford: Because since I attended my second game (Colchester FA Cup 1977) it's been my passion, my love and the bloody bane of my life! There have been periods due to work, family, and life in general, where I've had breaks from it, but I always come back. It's a great club.

Best Watford game: The 1999 Play-off Final. It will never be bettered, because it can't be. You only have one first win at Wembley, and if you were there that day, you were truly lucky. Football doesn't get better than that.

All time favourite player: It's Luther... no Cally... no definitely Luther... but I love Cally so much... oh why ask that question! It's Luther Blissett.

All time favourite manager: I'll be surprised if anyone deviates on this on. Graham Taylor. I genuinely feel he was a great man, not just on the football side, but in everything he did. I miss him so much.

Why you love making the WT/YBR!: 

With the Treasury it was getting to know those in the team, and realise that I had made a dozen real friends. That we produced something that is such high quality is a bonus, but a big bonus!

With YBR! it's creating a community among those who buy it, write for it, and help us. Working with Nick Catley, who co-edits it is a pleasure, it's a lovely fanzine, and I'm so proud of it.

With both publications the support we've had, particularly from Watford Football Club, Watford Museum and the Watford Observer, has been tremendous, we are truly gifted with lovely people associated with this club!



When are the magazines issued?

Watford Treasury - once every 6 months or so, which equates to 2 issues per year.

YBR! - Bi-monthly, which equates to 6 issues per year.