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Say What You See: A Special Night

Jack Ottman looks at a picture, and just has to... Say What You See



"This was a special night. In isolation it was of course an incredibly impressive win for many reasons, but I think the events which unfolded in the subsequent months made it even more noteworthy for me. 

Sarr’s first goal was of course celebrated ferociously in the Vic but seeing him run clean through and then calmy dink the ball over the onrushing Alisson to score his second sent the stadium into pandemonium. We weren’t just beating so-far invincible champions-elect; we were destroying them. 

That performance is no doubt one of the best I’ve seen in over 15 years of following the club and I’m still convinced that had the pandemic not struck we would’ve had enough to see us through to safety after that win. Either way, if I had to choose one game to be my last home game before an unwelcome 18-month hiatus, it would probably be that."