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Say What You See: Runners Up

Colin Payne looks at a picture, and just has to... Say What You See




"This is the moment that the news comes through that Manchester United didn’t get the points they needed on the final day of the 1982/83 season, and as such Watford have just finished runners-up in Division One. Elton’s undisguised excitement is a delight.

Although this wasn’t about United’s failings, but Watford’s success. We had just beaten Liverpool at Vicarage Road, Bob Paisley’s title-winning machine, the Liverpool that anyone of a certain age will still hold in their memories with nothing but awe and wonder. Yet we beat them! We finished runners-up!

I was under the scoreboard that day, a lovely sunny day. I guess this was my era, my Watford, the time that I always go back to, I was 18 years old.

What really strikes me about this photo is just how young both Elton and GT are, still in their thirties, yet having achieved so much in their respective fields. Oh how I love those two men."