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My First Watford Game

Shyla Sheth recounts her first experience of Vicarage Road


When I went to Watford vs Coventry it was the experience of my life. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the stadium and everyone seemed in the spirit of the game.

When we first got there, I thought that our seats were AMAZING, we had an amazing view of the players and compared to the TV the players and the pitch looked so big. The Coventry fans were so loud I kept looking at them because the Watford fans weren’t as loud as I thought they would be which was quite disappointing but it was OK because at least some of the Watford fans were singing but not that many.

It didn’t go per my expectations because when Coventry scored, I was very sad and some of the Coventry fans even tried to get on the pitch but they didn’t get on because of the stewards. At the end of the match the Coventry fans were singing songs like “Is this a library?” or “Is this a fire drill?” because none of the Watford fans were singing and some were leaving. The final score was 0-1 to Coventry but it was fine because I had a great time and I would definitely come back.