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Say What You See: Watching from Australia

Nick Catley looks at a picture, and just has to... Say What You See


"I was in Australia for this match, in the middle of five months’ travelling. 

I watched it in a pub that turned out to be the unofficial headquarters of the Melbourne Liverpool supporters’ club. A hundred-odd red shirts and my yellow one for a midnight kick-off. I didn’t celebrate this goal much – there was a long way to go, and I was expecting it to be disallowed, and a gradual celebration’s never as good as an instant one. Ighalo’s first was absolutely superb, the type that never gets a look in for Goal of the Season but could only be scored by a striker at the very top of their form – holding off a defender and hitting an awkwardly bouncing ball into the corner from an angle. After his second I absolutely lost it, screaming and howling at the moon in an otherwise silent room. I loved that trip, but was missing home at Christmas, and this game was a massive fillip. 

I walked back to my hostel elated through deserted 2am streets – I knew virtually no-one in Australia, yet I had just spent two superb hours with 20,000 friends."