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Say what You See: Everton

Dave Messenger examines a photograph, with the brief to... Say What You See


"I’ve said it so many times when leaving matches at Goodison... one of these days we’ll get all that bad luck we’ve had there and one day we’ll batter them. I long since pledged to go to every match there until it happened. However long it takes. So yeah, have some of that, Everton.

Look at the faces here... a team that, for its faults, is up for this... committed to the cause, enjoying each other’s success on this evidence and working for each other. We’ll take that. All about survival this year... don’t go back down whatever happens, then build again.

Build round that lad, João Pedro. What a talent, how lucky are we that young Brazilian strikers want to come and learn how to play with us. Find them, develop them, move them on and repeat. Served us well over the years, just a more cosmopolitan version these days…"