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Say What You See - Kaiserslautern

What do old photographs get you thinking? Dave Messenger gives us a stream of consciousness on a shot from 1983.

"Oh what a night that was. And look... black shorts, how majestic. One in the eye for all those red-shorts oddballs who bang on about famous results in Ronald McDonald red and yellow.

I reckon this is half-time as they don’t look like they’ve just smashed it. What was the score at half-time that night? Why can’t I remember things like that? Brain too full of Project Restart, that’s what.

I was a ball boy that night... tell that impressionable 10 year-old where he’d end up and I wonder what he’d have said? I’m on the highlights on YouTube too, jumping up like a loony when Richardson scores. Didn’t he get sent off for the ressies around this time? That’s probably why Shirley is giving him a finger wagging. Top man Shirley, makes a pilgrimage to a game every season even now.

And there’s Kenny Jackett, most underrated player of that glorious era. Went to school with my uncle, did Kenny. Even now I want the team he manages to do well. Even when it was Millwall. And Wolves."