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The GT Years Ranked: 13 - 1999/2000

Nick Catley presents his list of GT's greatest seasons at Watford


In some ways it was a toss-up between this and 2000/2001 for bottom spot. However, 1999/2000 was ultimately better due to a single day. We’ve visited Anfield 14 times in League matches, and only once come back with anything to show for it. Admittedly it wasn’t one of the classic Liverpool teams, but a win at Anfield is a win at Anfield. That day, we all believed a Taylor team could scale impossible heights yet again.

Of course, it didn’t. Many of the team were arguably stretching themselves as Premier League players anyway, and a cruel run of injuries just made everything worse. Despite a well-deserved win against Chelsea on the day Nordin Wooter made his debut, winter bit hard. Many cite the 5-0 defeat at Wimbledon as the low point. I wasn’t there, but had my own epiphany as we got taken apart by a very average Coventry team five weeks earlier – staying up was going to be a miracle beyond even GT this time. There were consolations, including the wild-eyed, erratic genius of Xavier Gravelaine, shown to best effect in a 3-2 Christmas win over Southampton, the party at Middlesbrough with the ‘Out of Your League’ banner, and the emergence of an Icelandic wrecking ball who answered to ‘Heiðar’ – but essentially, this was the first of a few seasons this century where the end has been a relief.