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The Adventures of Bunny Larkin and Other Fantastic Names

Watford Gold’s Neil Dunham looks at some of those with rather exotic names who played for Watford


When Segar Bastard appeared for Herts Rangers way back in 1876, some might have thought that the high watermark had been reached with regards to Watford footballers with ‘interesting’ names. You may have thought that we would look enviously at Bradford with their Dean Windass and QPR playing both Shittu and Doudou in the same team… But no! Watford history is littered with cracking names, some appropriate, some not. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the top ten:

Dick Wise (1896-1897) – A man who always knew the best course of action.

Tuggy Beach (1897-1902) – We’ll just let you think about that one. 

Willie Wragg (1901-1902) – Another one-season-wonder, known to wipe the floor with opponents.

Burt Badger (1906-1908) – May have been a pal of Rupert Bear.

Jock Strain (1921-1927) – A painful condition, caused by overstretching in the tackle?

Dick Lacey (1923-1924) – He may have only played three games, but he was always well-presented.

Willie Devine (1958-1959) – Yet another single-season star, but impeccable. 

Bunny Larkin (1962-1964) – Bugs and Mixy always had fun when he was around.

Danny Shittu (2006-2008) – We finally got our man. Big Dan made his debut in a skirt because the biggest shorts at Vicarage Road couldn’t accommodate his massive legs.

Jazzy Barnum-Bobb (2012-2014) – Didn’t make the first team, but much like Luther Blissett, has the name of a football megastar.

These leviathans drove a path for future generations to excel with magnificent names. So, when we sign hot prospect Daniel Entrez-LaMerde in the coming off-season, spare a thought for these trailblazers and the hardships they endured for the sake of stardom.