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Say What You See - Molineux

What do old photographs get you thinking? Colin Payne gives us a stream of consciousness on a shot from February 1980.

"Malcom Poskett, where did he go? Where did he come from? That’s Wolves, I know it’s Wolves, I don’t even know how I know that so instantly. Poskett scored two that day, I presume Luther got the other. It was the FA Cup.

What else?

We were stood on a massive covered terrace, and it was bloody huge. It was crowded. I was only sixteen (that’s a song title) but I remember certain bits like yesterday, others… hmmm why can’t I recall other bits? Emlyn Hughes played that day for Wolves, he was a captain on A Question of Sport. He died young. Someone who played for them, whose name I don’t recall, broke a leg. Never a nice thing.

The journey back to the station was bit hairy. Molineux was one of those grounds at the time that was both fantastic and crap, in equal parts. The main stand was in another postcode to the rest of it. They struggled around then, financially, or it could have been a few years later. I remember they went down to the Fourth Division, were bought up by some brothers. Still, they’re not doing bad now.

Look at those shirts! No sponsor, no over-fancy trim, just white. Luther looks different there, he did for a couple of years, was it the moustache? Everyone had moustaches then. Malcolm Poskett looks like a Geography teacher. They’re red shorts."