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The End is Nigh

The End is Nigh

As many of you will be aware the Christmas issue of YBR! (39) will be our final outing.

We'll save the goodbye's and thank you's until then, but just so everyone who subscribes is aware, your November and December payments will come out as per usual (and thank you for that!) We will then immediately cancel all subscriptions, and no further payments will be made. You don't have to do anything, we will handle that.

Issue 39 should be with you around the middle of December, and trust us, it will be a good one!

We will keep the YBR! Facebook group going, as a place where like minded souls can chat, and will be using the Treasury website , as well as The Watford Treasury of course, to exercise out literary bents!

Finally if able to, please join us at the Mad Squirrel (Kings Street, Watford), on the 22nd November, for the Treasury evening, it would be great to see there!

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