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Elton John and Watford FC

Elton John and Watford FC

Elton John and Watford FC are a match made in heaven. Neither knew this back in the 70's when Elton took over as club owner and chairman but this relationship is now known worldwide as one of the most successful and inspiring stories in sport.

Early years

It was in 1976 when Elton John took over a lowly Watford FC, with a pitch framed by a greyhound track. This was long before consortiums with vast resources and both eyes on commercial profit rather than the fans.

Elton was going through the struggles that entails when you are a global superstar. He leant on Watford just as much as Watford leant on him to look after one another.

Although Elton admits to not remembering chunks of the 80's due to the challenges he was under, he remembers every single game he went to and relished seeing them play.

Elton says the Watford fans kept him grounded throughout his time at Vicarage road, something he is eternally grateful for.

Sir Elton funded and oversaw the club’s rise to national prominence after the appointment of the masterful Graham Taylor as manager in 1977. The rapid ascent through the divisions was accompanied by the introduction of a friendly, family-based supporting profile, which was highly innovative in an era when violence was still experienced at many football grounds.

Recent years

Sir Elton John strode onto the Vicarage Road pitch with his family in December 2014, to acknowledge the fans and accept the naming of Watford’s new stand in his honour, he cut a bright profile on a dull winter’s day, sporting his colourful team scarf. Pictures of Sir Elton, David Furnish and their two boys were beamed across the world, satisfying the curiosity of the stargazers, but also pulling the Watford-supporting family together behind the club colours. On this day Elton forgot his Watford scarf of all things. Glady, Richard White a Watford fan let Elton borrow his 1977 original scarf and was returned fter the match.

Present day

Sir Elton will be retiring from his music career in 2023. Speaking on behalf of the Watford Treasury and YBR! we truly hope he is able to come to Vicarage Road a few more times each year with his family where he will be welcomed back like a god as he always has and will be.